8-DAY – São Paulo Experience, from City to Beaches, Caves & Waterfalls

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  • Cities, Beaches, Favela, Hike, Nature, Culture, Caves & Waterfalls

  • Cities, Beaches, Favela, Hike, Nature, Culture, Caves & Waterfalls

  • Cities, Beaches, Favela, Hike, Nature, Culture, Caves & Waterfalls

  • Cities, Beaches, Favela, Hike, Nature, Culture, Caves & Waterfalls

  • Cities, Beaches, Favela, Hike, Nature, Culture, Caves & Waterfalls

  • Cities, Beaches, Favela, Hike, Nature, Culture, Caves & Waterfalls

  • Cities, Beaches, Favela, Hike, Nature, Culture, Caves & Waterfalls

  • Cities, Beaches, Favela, Hike, Nature, Culture, Caves & Waterfalls

  • Cities, Beaches, Favela, Hike, Nature, Culture, Caves & Waterfalls

  • Cities, Beaches, Favela, Hike, Nature, Culture, Caves & Waterfalls

  • Cities, Beaches, Favela, Hike, Nature, Culture, Caves & Waterfalls

  • Cities, Beaches, Favela, Hike, Nature, Culture, Caves & Waterfalls

  • Cities, Beaches, Favela, Hike, Nature, Culture, Caves & Waterfalls

  • Cities, Beaches, Favela, Hike, Nature, Culture, Caves & Waterfalls

From R$

Tour type: Tour package taken in a mixed group.

Live guide & available language: Español, English, and Português.

Tour Operating Hours: Book this tour between 00:00 to 23:30.

Transport: Fully-equipped minivans & vans according to the group size.

Instant confirmation: Yes. On Saturdays

Tour start location / Final tour location: Any address pickup & drop off in São Paulo or elsewhere like hotel, airport or port.


  • Meet our tour guide at either GRU airport or CGH airport whenever your flight arrives. You will be met by a member of our specialist meet and greet team who will be holding a sign with your name on it. Once you locate each other, the staff will take you to meet the guide that should be waiting just outside the terminal. 

    Our guide will drive you to a centrally-located 4-star hotel, which is situated in a safe and walkable area next to a shopping street full of restaurants, cafés and high-end boutiques and much more. On the way to hotel, our knowledgable guide will give you an insight about São Paulo, the hotel area and what you are going to be seeing in the next days to come.

    The hotel is 5-minute drive to the city's most beautiful public park (Ibirapuera) and the most important city avenue (Paulista). After settling in, as today is free of scheduled activities, perhaps take a stroll around or go to explore Paulista avenue or Ibirapuera park. 

    What to do on a free day in Sao Paulo

    1) Paulista is not just an avenue, it’s part of the Brazilian history for all it has been in the last 130 years. It is home to outstanding sites and happenings serving as ground for work, study, entertainment, demonstrations, leisure, theaters, shopping, important old palaces, marathon, gay parade, history, culture, gastronomy, New Year’s Eve and Christmas celebrations, all that draw millions of people throughout the entire year.  

    Once on Paulista, head towards MASP museum and be presented to the treasures of renowned artists like Picasso, Rembrandt, Van Gogh, Gauguin, Modigliani, Toulouse-Lautrec, and many others brilliant artists.  


    2) Then go to Ibirapuera Park, which was elected by the “The Guardian magazine” the best Park in the world. The three outstanding art museums MAC, MAM and Afro-Brazil museum with their great art, played a big role on the deserved winning election of the park. 


     Inclusions DAY 1

     Airport / hotel private transfer.

     Centrally-located 4-star hotel for four (4) nights in the city of São Paulo. 

     Optional activities

     Guided walking tour of Paulista.

     Guided walking tour of MASP.

     Guided walking tour of Ibirapuera Museums.


     These tours and activities might be taken with other tourists in shared groups.

     On this tour package, tourists may be staying in a double-room. If you prefer a single room, please speak to us so that we arrange it. There will be an extra cost for it.

     It's highly recommended to read the "IMPORTANT INFO", "PICK-UP / DROP-OFF" and FAQ'S sections before booking.

  • Make the most of your time in São Paulo in a 7-hour guided tour to discover its most iconic attractions. Our vehicle picks you up with an accredited bilingual tour guide to provide you with a lively day filled with popular attractions passing the main areas like historical downtown, Paulista ave area, the most sophisticated areas in the south and southwest of São Paulo, and yet business districts like Brooklin and Itaim Bibi.

    Get to understand the amazing historic process of São Paulo that in 465 years of existence (early times a village), marked by relative inexpressiveness for more than three centuries, has become the largest city in the Southern hemisphere and one of the largest cities in the World. 

    Stop at sights to explore in the company of the guide who will escort you in the tour expedition, providing an interpreting service along the way.

    Duration of the tour: around 7 hours 

     Tour itinerary

     Estaiada Bridge.

     Brooklin Neighborhood.

     Juscelino Kubitscheck ave.

     Itaim Neighborhood & Faria Lima ave.

     Victor Malzoni Building

     Unique Hotel.

     Obelisk, Bandeiras Monument, local assembly seat.

     Ibirapuera Park.  

     Contemporary Art Museum.  

     May 23rd ave.

     Liberdade Neighborhood.

     Sé Cathedral.  

     Pátio do Colégio.   

     Boa vista St.

     Saint Benedict Monastery.

     Martinelli & Edifício Altino Arantes Buildings.

     Historical sights such as Sampaio Moreira building, City hall, Tea Viaduct, Shopping Light.

     Municipal Theater, Rock Gallery, Church of Our Lady of the Rosary of Black Men.

     Ipiranga & São João Avenues.

     Republic Square.

     Historical buildings such as Italian Terrace, Copan and Eiffel.

     Municipal Market  (Stop for lunch that's NOT included in the price).

     March 25th St.

     Paulista ave.  

     Jardins Neighborhood.

     Oscar Freire St.

     Church Nossa Sra. do Brasil. 

     Batman Alley.  

     Vila Madalena Neighborhood.

     Europa ave.

     Jardim Europa & Jardim America Neighborhoods.

     Now relax on the comfortable drive back to the meeting point.

     Inclusions DAY 2

     Fully-equipped vehicle for the tour. It may be a shared group tour.

     Professional / licensed / bilingual tour guide for the tour.

     Exclusions DAY 2

     Meals & drinks.

     Gratuities & tips. (optional).


     D3) Favela São Paulo City Tour (Slum)

    Take a guided tour and feel what life in a favela (slum) is really like. Tour through São Paulo's second largest favela and get an unique insight into the vibrant spirit of its people, especially the hidden veritable artists who live there.

    Take a journey to discover Paraisópolis, a favela where live almost 100 thousand people. A cosmos that in recent years has experienced great transformations and where live many common people, but also brilliant artists who do extraordinary things.

    Recently, the area has received public and private investments, a few kilometers of water supply and sanitation, condos that have gone on to replace the shacks of wood and mud, sidewalks, parks.

    The tour starts at the Community Association Office. Visitors will learn about the community’s history, the foundation of the “Community Association” and its main projects.

    Then, visitors will be led to the community radio studio to watch a live show and meet some community speakers.

    Pay a visit to Berbéla and his mechanical workshop, a great plastic artist and community resident. Berbéla builds his works of art from automotive parts such as metal scraps and chemical wastes, giving life to all sorts of material discarded in his workshop. He made pieces of artwork that few can argue about his talents. 

    Go to the house of the sculptor Estevão, also known as “Gaudí of Paraisópolis”. Once there, visitors will be able to enter a beautiful stone house, full of accessories and common objects such as cups, saucers and dishes, which are part of the structure of the house, giving it charm and a sense of fantasy for the visitors. Go on an adventure through openings and gaps to reach the house's viewpoint, and appreciate the stunning contrasting scenery of favela across the fancy area of Morumbi neighborhood.

    Visitors will walk throughout the community narrow alleyways reaching the Palmeirinha’s football field, and perhaps catch a class of the students of the project "Rugby For All".

    Go on to see Luciana’s alley and continue on to “BECEI Library”, which is the 1st library created within a community.

    Walk through narrow streets of the center Paraisopolis heading to Paraisópolis Ballet Project. Meet the director and dancer Mônica Tarragó, who will present the project and get visitors to watch a little of the class and meet some students.

    After all that, visitors have a superb typical Brazilian food at the charming “Bistro Mãos de Maria” on the rooftop of the community association headquarters in the Favela. (Lunch included in the tour price)

    This is a socially-conscious tour that part of your payment is reverted to the local non-profitable community association to support their charity projects within the community. The local community association also hosts the visit and gives utter support providing us with a local monitor from the community to escort us around in the company of our bilingual guide.

    Duration of the tour: around 5 to 6 hours 


     Inclusions DAY 3 (All-inclusive Favela Tour)

     Fully-equipped vehicle for the tour. It may be a shared group tour.

     Professional / licensed / bilingual tour guide for the tour.

     Local community monitor to escort tourists and guide throughout the favela.

     Entrance & contribution fees to help the community support their projects and to cover the escort given by a local monitor. 

     Meals & drinks for lunch at the favela.

    D3) By Night Tour São Paulo

    Take a guided tour combining São Paulo’s bustling nightlife areas with some of the major touristic sights in the city that never sleeps. 

    The tour guide picks you up at your place and escort you around to discover just how beautiful and vibrant São Paulo is as soon as darkness falls. 

    Visit the bohemian neighborhood of Vila Madalena which has the hottest bars in town and have a drink while get a taste of Brazilian live music at a traditional bar.
    Drive through some of the coolest touristic areas such as Paulista ave catching sights, culture and seeing skyscrapers illuminated against the night sky.

    Have a superb meal atop of one of the city's skyscrapers while boast the city from its observation deck enjoying views of the lit-up São Paulo's skyline. 

    Duration of the tour: around 4 to 5 hours 


     Inclusions DAY 3

     Fully-equipped vehicle for the tour. It may be a shared group tour.

     Professional / licensed / bilingual tour guide for the tour.

     Exclusions DAY 3

     Meals & drinks.

     Gratuities & tips. (optional).

     Meals, drinks & eventual tickets are not included, although the tour is not aimed to get into places that charge admission fees.

  • Get ready to spend a relaxing day discovering some of the most beautiful beaches in the coast of the state of São Paulo. There is no better place for enjoying a sunny day than heading down to the delightful beach towns of Santos & Guarujá.

    Out expert tour guide picks you up at your hotel in Sao Paulo, takes you on a 10-hour tour activity visiting the city of Santos & Guarujá and return you back to hotel in Sao Paulo afterwards.

    Visit the city of Santos most significant sights like Mount Serrat, Coffee Museum & Porchat Island combined with a sightseeing through its beaches. Then change the pace totally taking the ferry boat to go to the neighboring beach town of Guarujá to relax on a sandy beach near snack bars and restaurants having appetizers and sipping drinks beachfront.

    This beach of Guarujá stands out for a strip of clear soft sand and small waves, ideal for sea bathing. It’s certain a destination for those who want to be closer to nature or lounging around on the sand to pass the time away with style. 

    As São Paulo is 760 meters above sea level, in order to get to the coast, highways get through an astonishing mount range that extends for approximately 1500 kilometers along the south and southeast coast of Brasil. Have brief stop on the way down to take some breathtaking pictures of the valleys through the set of hills.

    During the trip, cater a conversation about your interests and the tour guide expertise, whether that can be culture, history, social-economic aspects of the city and Brazil, architecture, business, or other topics... Our guide should be at your disposal.

    Duration of the tour: around 10 hours 


     Beach Tour itinerary

     Mount Serrat (Santos): Ride on a tram upwards mount Serrat which is a peak that has a superb panoramic viewpoint from the former old casino on the top of it. The access to the hill is made by a funicular system (called the cable car of Monte Serrat) that connects the top hill to the center of the city and departs every 20 minutes. From its viewpoint, it is possible to have a complete view of the port, the urban part of Santos and surroundings, Bertioga Canal, Estuary and Barnabé and Santo Amaro Islands. 

     Coffee Museum (Santos): Have a breakfast at the stylish coffee shop of the coffee museum in Santos, and visit it to learn about the importance of the coffee for Brazilian socio-economic development. The coffee shop offers the opportunity to try out all the types and aromas of coffees grounded right before drinking.

     Sightseeing Santos: Take a sightseeing in the beautiful restored historic center of Santos and drive along the 8-km long of continuous, wide and flat strip of sandy beaches. Santos major highlight is the largest beach garden in the world, recorded in the Book of Records with 5335 meters long, full of flowers and carefully treated trees. 

    Santos is also home to the largest port in Latin America where a huge portion of the Brazilian GDP passes through at a never-ending coming and going the transatlantics.

     Porchat Island (Santos): Admire the marvelous view of the shoreline of Santos and the city of "Saint Vincent" (First permanent Portuguese settlement in Brazil) from Niemeyer’s monument on the top of Porchat Island hill. You'll be able to see the whole shore, ships on the horizon, waves being formed, people like ants and paragliders flying around!

     Guarujá beach (Guarujá) is a classic Brazilian beachfront. A combination of many family-operated businesses, snack bars and restaurants. When you’re hungry, you’ll find plenty of vendors offering all kinds of tasty food, snacks, and drinks. Vendors also rent beach chairs, umbrellas, surfboards, bodyboards, scooters, and much more. 

     Inclusions DAY 4

     Fully-equipped vehicle for the tour. It may be a shared group tour.

     Professional / licensed / bilingual tour guide for the tour.

     Entrance fees.

     Exclusions DAY 4

     Meals & drinks.

     Gratuities & tips. (optional).

  • For nature and culture lovers, come explore the caves, rivers, streams, waterfalls in the area of the state of Sao Paulo called "Ribeira de Iguape Valley". After your guide picks you up from your hotel in São Paulo, they drive you to this astonishing park called "The Devil's Cave State Park" which is 3:30 h away from São Paulo, where you will get a breath of fresh air in the largest continuous remnant of the Atlantic Forest, recognized by UNESCO as a Biosphere Reserve and World Natural Heritage Site.

    In this tour you are going to visit the Devil’s Cave, hike in the forest and observe wildlife. All attractions are located in the municipality of Eldorado, São Paulo State.

     Tour itinerary

    Caverna do Diabo (The Devil’s Cave) is a real natural heritage and definitely one of the most beautiful caves in Brazil, with a diversity of incredible formations like stalagmites, stalactites, columns, towers, candles, helictites, curtains, travertines, and the grandiose chamber known as Cathedral.
    The access is easy featuring strategic lighting, walkways, stairs and handrails, among a maze of galleries at different heights.
    The cave is more than 6km long, where 700 meters are prepared for visitation. 
    At the entrance, it has a beautiful stream to embellish the scenery even more. Visitors can go up several levels by the stairs while the river waters go down slipping through the galleries disappearing in the darkness. It’s simply breathtaking!

    After "The Devil’s Cave" successful tour & local lunch, we drive about 50 minutes to your accommodation at a local Inn in the town of Iporanga for a deserved night of rest.

    Duration of the tour: around 4 hours 


     Inclusions DAY 5

     Breakfast at the Inn accommodation.

     Fully-equipped vehicle for the tour. It may be a shared group tour.

     VAT, all taxes, handling charges, tolls & parking fees during stops.

     Professional / licensed / bilingual tour guide for the tour.

     Accommodations for tourists at a local Inn in the city of Iporanga for three nights.

     Entrance fees.

     Cave gear (flashlight and helmet)

     Trail snacks for the tour exploration.

     Travel insurance for every tourist.

     Exclusions DAY 5

     Meals & drinks for tourists not described above.

     Gratuities & tips. (optional).

  •  Quilombo Praia Grande

    On this day, you go on a beautiful 50-minute boat ride up Ribeira de Iguape River, appreciating the preserved Atlantic Rainforest, until you reach Quilombo Praia Grande Community.

    There, you will meet with the locals in their houses, learn about their history and culture, enjoy the gorgeous landscape, and of course, savor the organic homegrown food prepared in a wood-burning stove. And, if it is a hot sunny day, a refreshing bath in the river is highly recommended.

    Besides having an authentic pleasant experience, you will be causing a positive impact in the destination. By appreciating their culture and contributing to the local economy, you will be encouraging people, specially the young, to remain in their land and continue preserving their culture, traditions and the environment.

    Duration of the tour: around 8 hours 

     Inclusions DAY 6

     Breakfast at the Inn accommodation.

     Fully-equipped vehicle for the tour. It may be a shared group tour.

     Boat rides to-and-from isolated community.

     Entrance fees.

     Professional / licensed / bilingual tour guide for the tour.

     Lunch & snacks at the community for the tour exploration.

     Local "Quilombo" monitor to escort tourists around community.

     Exclusions DAY 6

     Meals & drinks for tourists not described above.

     Gratuities & tips. (optional).

  • After a large breakfast at the Inn, with our backpacks and trail snacks we head to a section of PETAR cave complex called “Santana”. Considered one of the most beautiful caves in PETAR. It is believed to be the largest or one of the largest cave conglomerates in the world with 5,040 meters deep.

    Santana Cave has a good accessibility infrastructure, with wooden bridges and stairs. Its interior is really impressive and full of beautiful formations. No wonder this cave is considered the most beautiful in the park, as there are thousands of formations such as stalactites, stalagmites, curtains, columns etc. 

    Its biome is the beautiful Atlantic Rainforest where you find an exceptional biodiversity, rivers, waterfalls, and cave systems with a unique underground scenario.

    Along the way, visitors can let their imaginations work and view thousands of supposed images in the cave formations. There are those who see horse heads, skulls, elephant paw, Jesus Christ and so on,

    Exploration inside the Santana cave takes about two hours, and from there we take a break at the edge of a Natural Pool splashing around and enjoying snacks picnic style. Then we head to contemplate one of the coolest points in Santana section, the Betari Valley Lookout. 

    Thereafter we continue on the exploration visiting other caves in the complex.

    Duration of the tour: around 8 hours 


     Inclusions DAY 7

     Breakfast at the Inn accommodation.

     Fully-equipped vehicle for the tour. It may be a shared group tour.

     Entrance fees.

     Professional / licensed / bilingual tour guide for the tour.

     Cave gear (flashlight and helmet)

     Trail snacks for the tour exploration.

     Travel insurance for every tourist.

     Exclusions DAY 7

     Meals & drinks for tourists not described above.

     Gratuities & tips. (optional).

  •  D8) Betary Reserve (Iporanga)

    Betary Reserve is a 60-hectare preserved area and a branch of the Biodiversity Research Institute (IPBio). The site is devoted to research and teaching on the Atlantic Forest. Some of their facilities comprise a greenhouse, an aquarium, laboratory with vivarium, classroom, darkened room for checking on the bioluminescent mushrooms, restaurant and deck by the river. Get to know the bioluminescent larvae, mushrooms, frogs, types of plants, mainly bromeliads, small amphibians and several "nests" made them, and several other species. 

    Duration of the activity: around 3 hours


     D8) Transfer to airport / São Paulo.

     Today marks the last day of your 8-day Brazil tour. So it’s time to hit the road back to Sao Paulo or airport. This is the perfect time to exchange contact details with your new travel buddies and start planning a new adventure.

     It's recommended to book late flight as the arrival at the airport or São Paulo will be NO earlier than 19:00 (7:00PM).

     End Point: GRU Airport, CGH airport or any address in São Paulo

     Duration of the transfer: around 5 hours including a stop for lunch

     Inclusions DAY 8

     Fully-equipped vehicle for the transfer & tour. It may be a shared group transfer.

     Travel insurance for every tourist.

     Entrance fees.

     Exclusions DAY 8

     Meals & drinks.

     Gratuities & tips. (optional).